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Thank You Jacki And Lice Happens!

I want to thank Jacki and Lice Happens for not only ridding my daughter’s head of lice, but teaching us about how to properly comb, check and treat for lice infestation. A few months ago I used all sorts of different lice treatments on my daughter – even prescription shampoos…Read More

with no success. I was reluctant to use the shampoos because they are basically pesticides, but I didn’t now how else to eliminate the lice. I also, unfortunately, succumbed to “lice hysteria” as I call it – maniacally doing loads of laundry on hot water cycles, vacuuming furniture constantly, bagging everything in my daughter’s room. I now realize how futile and wasteful all that was. Having now had Lice Happens come to the house and “de-louse” my daughter, and teach me about lice and what to do, I am sorry I didn’t contact them sooner. Jacki was kind, efficient, calming and extremely knowledgeable. I feel confident the lice are gone and when and if my daughter gets them again, I will be capable of quickly and effectively dealing with them without harsh pesticides and hours and hours of combing. THANK YOU JACKI AND LICE HAPPENS!

Jan – Wilmington, DE

Lice Free and Educated!

My daughter had lice for almost two months. We just could not get rid of it. I contacted Lice Happens and the next day Jackie came by and not only checked my daughter’s hair but educated both of us on the correct way to comb through her hair and helped us to identify lice and nits. …Read More

Thanks to her we are now lice free and much more knowledgeable about them. We really loved meeting and working with Jackie.

Marie in Delaware

Went From Zero to Sixty

While helping my 5 year-old wash his hair on a Sunday night before bed, I saw something move in his wet hair. LICE! It was Sunday night at 9pm. I went from zero to sixty in no time at all. I have four kids and sent the oldest to the pharmacy for Rid for everyone. I spent hours raking through our hair trying and then hours more bagging, washing and tearing apart the rest of my house. …Read More

We called and spoke to Jacki. She came the next day and went through everyone’s hair in the house, as well as two other close relatives who are always at my house. She was on time and got right to work. She showed us what to look for and how to do a proper comb through. She answered every question we had. By the time she left I actually felt 1,000% calmer. I called her two more times during the week and sent her pics of what I found during combs throughs.
I have purposely waited the 14 day + period since she was here so I could give a true testimony to the assistance she gave to our family. Jacki is wonderful! I feel educated and able to protect the people in my home from future outbreaks. If you follow their “cheat sheet” you’re protected!! I would recommend Lice Happens to ANYONE!!!!!!!”

Educated in Delaware

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“You guys were so wonderful when we arrived and made us feel so welcome. My kids loved you which says a lot to me and you were awesome with them.”